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Red Course

Boasting a 9 Hole 2836 Yard green, our Red Course is definitely a fan favourite! Regardless if you are new to golf, or a seasoned veteran you will find the red course to challenge your inner golfer.

Red 1.webp

Red 1

Par 5: 471 Yards

Pro Tip 

A tee shot to the right is a safe play to avoid the creek that runs long down the left side of the fairway. This mid/long par 5 is reachable in two for the long hitters, be sure to avoid the bunkers that guard the right side of the green.

Red 2.webp

Red 2

Par 4: 349


This fairway slopes severely from left to right. A miss left or right will leave you with a difficult approach onto a narrow elevated green.

Red 2.webp
Red 3.webp

Red 3

Par 3: 111 Yards


A short range par 3 with a large green protected by a front right greenside bunker and a pond to the left. It’s safe long and right, danger lingers to the left.

Red 4

Par 5: 471 Yards


Long, narrow fairway lined with trees on both sides. The key is to be straight and avoid the out of bounds sneaking up on the right. A front right greenside bunker is visible, but the back right bunker is hidden which will leave a tough pitch shot onto the sloped green. Reachable in two with a long drive, but safe approach shot to the green is ideal.

Red 4.webp
Red 5.webp

Red 5

Par 4: 345 Yards


A layup to the 150 marker is a smart play to avoid the water on the left and out of bounds down the right side. The wind direction plays a large role in club selection on your approach shot, with bunkers to the left of the green and out of bounds behind.

Red 2.webp

Red 6

Par 4: 326

Pro-Tip ​

Water lying on both sides of this narrow fairway makes laying up to the 150 yard mark a safe bet. Bunkers guard both sides of the green leaving little room for error on the approach.

Red 6.webp
Red 7.webp

Red 7

Par 3: 129 Yards

Pro-Tip ​

A narrow teeing area to this downhill par 3, a shot to the left side will usually result in a friendly kick towards the green, too far left will leave you with a difficult chip through the trees.

Red 8

Par 4: 305 Yards

Pro-Tip ​

This short par 4 is a slight dogleg left, for the long hitters you can cut the corner over the bunkers and leave yourself a short pitch onto the green.

Red 8.webp
Red 9.webp
Red 9.webp

Red 9

Par 4: 329 Yards

Pro-Tip ​

A left to right tee shot plays well on this short par 4, as there is more room to the right than it seems, as the fairway narrows and drops downhill left of the 150 yard mark. A miss into the fairway bunkers will leave a blind, uphill approach onto the green.

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