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The Junior Golf Academy 

Junior Golf Camps and Clinics 2022


Meet Graydon Hosack! One of our junior coaches this season! Graydon is a student from Holy Trinity and is an aspiring teacher. His love for golf and his calm demeanor makes every junior camp and clinic a blast!



Camps age range 7-13



Camps $263.95

under 6 $96.36

over 6 $118.61


JUNE 2022


Clinics 1– TUESDAYS - June 7,14,21,28 (4:30-5:30pm) (4-7 year olds)

Clinics 1a– TUESDAYS - June 7,14,21,28 (5:45-6:45pm) (8-12 year olds)

2x a Week Camps – Wed June 8, Thurs June 9,  Mon June 13, Wed June 15, Mon June 20, Wed June 22, Mon June 27, Wed June 29 (5-6:30pm) (8-13 year olds)


JULY 2022


Clinics 2– MONDAYS - July 11,18,25, Aug 1 (4:30-5:30pm) (4-7 year olds)

Clinics 2a– MONDAYS - July 11,18,25, Aug 1  (5:45-6:45pm) (8-12 year olds)

Jr Camps – Camp 1 - July 5-8 (9-12pm) Tues-Fri

  • Camp 2 GIRLS ONLY – July 11,12 (9-12pm) Mon,Tues [ price: 155.37 ]

  • Camp 3 - July 18-21 (9-12pm) Mon-Thurs

  • Camp 4 - July 25-28 (9-12pm) Mon - Thurs




Clinics 3– MONDAYS - August 8,15,22,29 (4:30-5:30) (4-7 year olds)

Clinics 3a– MONDAYS - August 8,15,22,29  (5:45-6:45pm) (8-12 year olds)

Jr Camps


  •  Camp 5 - August 8-11 (9-12pm) Mon-Thurs (Must have previous experience with golf)

  • Camp 6 - August 16-19 (9-12pm) Tues-Fri


No question about it...Safety is #1. We owe our children the freedom to gain independence and experience new things while ensuring that as parents and teachers we have done everything possible to ensure their security and well-being at a happy summer camp. 

Who can participate?

Camps are designed for golfers between the ages of 7-13. This is a great opportunity for experienced golfers and beginners. The clinics are designed for two different age groups. One group is aged 4-7 and one group is 8-13.


The ratio for golfers to staff is kept low. This ensures each golfer will be carefully taken care of and will have supervision at all times. The head junior instructor will be at every camp and clinic to supervise all activities taking place on the driving range and on the course. Additional staff will be used in larger class sizes.


WHAT DOES A Day at camp LOOK LIKE? WHAT takes place?

The camps will include 4 days during the week with 3 hours each day. They run from 9am-12pm. Time will be split between the driving range and on the course. Every morning will begin on the practice facility and then transition to the course at some point. Snacks and water will be provided to students throughout the week.

WHAT is the difference between camps and clinics?

Camps are 12 hours total split up into 4 days a week. We have also introduced after school camps which consist of 12 hours of instruction per month split up into 3 hours a week (two 90 minute sessions). Both of these programs will focus on student development with an emphasis on on-course time. Adequate time will be spent on the practice facility working on golf skills, motors skills, and of course having FUN. Camps are intended for those between the ages of 8-16 who will be interested in spending the day with their friends at the golf course. Skill level is not a requirement for camps or clinics.

Clinics are set up in 4 week segments divided into one 60 minute session per week. This setup is geared towards younger golfers and more advanced golfers looking to improve their golfing abilities. The clinics are focused on the practice facility with more attention to detail involving golf instruction. However, we will use several games to incorporate teamwork, engagement and golf skills. Students will be split up based on age group to ensure maximum team work and engagement.


The main goal for juniors at our facility is FUN. Whether you are brand new to golf or have some experience, we have an option for you. Through the use of Discover Golf, students will be offered an array of engaging games focusing on decision making, motor skills, golf development, and most importantly FUN, regardless of skill level.


Please send your junior with comfortable clothes,  sunscreen and a hat if needed. Water and snacks will be provided but water bottles with names are preferred. Camps and clinics will not involve lunch, so please feed your child prior to the start of their camp day.



What about the weather?

Here at the Greens we have indoor facilities. That means that we will be running our camps and clinics regardless of weather. They always say, it never rains on a golf course! Parents will be contacted if there is a change in schedule for any reason.

For any further questions or concerns please contact the Greens at Renton Proshop at 519-426-3308 Ext. 1 or visit our website and submit a question.

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