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Green Course

Boasting a 9 Hole 2838 Yard green, our Green Course is definitely the missing 9 we needed! With a very secluded 9, you will be able to perfect your swing on this amazing course.

Green 1.webp

Green 1

Par 4: 446 Yards

Pro-Tip ​

Long and straight on this par 5, a slight dogleg left. A solid tee shot will leave you 220 yards to reach this narrow, tree guarded green. A layup on the right side of the fairway is advisable, the left side drops off drastically.

Red 2.webp

Green 2

Par 3: 148

Pro-Tip ​

A narrow tee shot on this short par 3. A left to right shot is recommended. Green protected by a bunker on the right and left.

Green 2.webp
Green 3.webp

Green 3

Par 5: 420 Yards

Pro-Tip ​

This par 5 requires a solid tee shot down the middle. Longer hitters can reach this in two, club selection on your approach is important because of the severe back to front slope of the green.

Green 4

Par 4: 312 Yards


This short par 4 is best played with a hybrid or long iron off the tee through the narrow chute of trees. Bunkers guard the left and right side of this green, and be wary as the pond wraps around the back of the green.

Green 4.webp
Green 5.webp

Green 5

Par 4: 326 Yards


Par 4 requires a delicate tee shot to avoid the pond on the right. A greenside bunker protects your approach to this elevated green.

Green 6.webp

Green 6

Par 4: 354


A solid tee shot to the left side of the fairway plays best on this par 4. A bunker guards the front right side of the green.

Green 6.webp
Green 7.webp

Green 7

Par 4: 292 Yards


Short par 4 plays longer than it appears because of the false front of the green. A long greenside bunker protects the right side.

Green 8

Par 4: 384  Yards


This is a downhill par 4. A well-placed tee shot can sling shot to the bottom, leaving a short pitch onto the green. Club selection is important on your approach, as a creek runs behind the green.

Green 8.webp
Green 9.webp
Green 9.webp

Green 9

Par 3: 156 Yards


This downhill par 3 requires a right to left tee shot. Be cautious of the creek that runs along the left side and the sand traps that protect the right side.

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