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1.  Q. Are you having events at The Greens 

     A. Currently we are following the MOH guidelines and are still holding small get-togethers.


2.  Q. Do you need to wear a mask during an event

     A. COVID guidelines require a mask be worn except when eating


3.  Q. What is the maximum number of people you can have for events

     A. COVID guidelines are monitored closely and currently we are allowed 50 indoors and 

     100 outdoors, however we review each space and what are the safest number allowed


4.  Q. Which venues are open during the winter months for events?

     A. Space is limited in the winter season due to our multi-sport simulators however for a small 

     event we have the Garden room which can seat up to 50. During COVID we have the area 

     restricted to 32 with only 4 at a table.


5.  Q. Can you rent all the simulators for an event?

     A. Yes all the simulators, Garden Room and Tent can be rented separately or together for an 

     event.  Call 519-426-3308 ext 3 for pricing.


6.  Q. What kind of events do you host?

     A. If you have an event of any kind we can do it.


7.  Q. Do you have on site catering?

     A. Yes we have an onsite Chef.


8.  Q. Do you allow outside catering?

     A. No we do not allow outside catering. 

                                                                   Food Nights  

1    Q. Do you need a reservation for Food Nights                                
      A. Reservations are required for Thursday Chef night only.                                 
2    Q. Do you have takeout or delivery?                                
      A. Yes we have take out and delivery.  Please call 519-426-3308 Ext 2 to place an order and ask            about delivery rates.                                
3    Q. Are you having a New Year's Eve party?                                
      A.  We are not having a party but we are having a special dinner night. With 2 seatings starting                at 5:00 pm.  Please call 519-426-3308 ext 2 to book a reservation                                
4.    Q. Do you offer a vegetarian option on Chef Night?                                
       A. The Chef has put together an amazing menu that includes beef, chicken, seafood, pasta and             a vegetarian option.                                 
5    Q. What time does Food Night start?                                
      A. Food Nights start at 4:00 pm however the Thursday Chef Night starts at 5:00 pm.                                
6    Q. How many people can you sit at a table?                                
      A. Currently to stay within COVID guidelines we are only allowing 4 guests per table.  



1    Q. How many simulators does The Greens Have?                                
      A. 2 Deluxe and 1 VIP                                
2    Q. How far ahead do you need to book a simulator time?                                
      A. You can book simulators in advance anytime including the day of.                                
3    Q. How many people are allowed at each simulator                                
      A. Currently our standard is 4 players or less per simulator                                
4    Q. What games can you play on the multi-sport?                                
      A.  There is a list of games available on the website.  Also, we work closely with HD golf and new            games being released                                
5    Q. Can you rent 2 or 3 simulators at once?                                
      A. Yes you can rent 2 or all simulators. Please check the website for pricing.                                
6    Q. Does the simulator price include HST?                                
      A. HST is included currently.                                
7    Q. How much do simulators cost?                                
      A. Please review the pricing found on the website                                
8    Q. Do I need to bring my own equipment?                                
      A. You do need your own golf clubs.  For all other multi-sport games, the equipment is                             provided.                                
9    Q. What is the difference between a Deluxe and VIP simulator?                                
      A. The VIP simulator has a larger curved screen, a big screen TV with spacious seating, and                   table service.  The Deluxe simulators have a flat-screen, tv, and bar service.                                
10  Q. Can I buy food and beverages?                                
      A. Yes we have a fully stocked bar and a bar menu.                                
11   Q. Are gift certificates available                                
       A. Yes you can buy gift certificates in our pro shop.                                
12   Q. Can I bring my own food and drinks.                                
       A. You can not bring your own food and drinks.  We have a fully stocked bar and a bar menu.                                
13   Q. Are the simulators sanitized?                                
       A. Yes the simulators are sanitized after each use.                                
14   Q. Can children play on the simulators?                                
       A.  Yes and in fact, there are many multi-sport games that they will love.                                
15   Q. What if I have never played golf before?                                
       A. Simulators are a great way to learn how to golf with no pressure of faster groups wanting to               playthrough.                                
16   Q. How long does a round take?                                
       A. Rule of thumb is approx 1hr / person for 18 holes.                                
17   Q. Can I pick which course I want to play?                                
       A. Absolutely! We have many world-renowned courses.  Please see the website for the course                list available.                                
18  Q. How does your rate work?                                
      A. Rates are per hour per simulator.    



Important Reminders 

We ask that all equipment and footwear are clean. 


We ask that only one person operates the simulator computer touch screen. 


We ask that everyone uses the sanitizer provided before playing and hands are clean when using the touch screen 

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