COVID-19 Update


*Most importantly if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19, if you have knowingly come in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms, or if you have been identified as having COVID-19 please do not visit the golf course.* 

  1. All players coming to The Greens at Renton must have already booked a tee time, either online or by telephone through our pro shop.
  2. Please do not arrive early or exit your vehicle any sooner than 10 minutes before your tee time. This helps limit contact with others.
  3. Greeters will no longer be able to shuttle guests from the parking lot until further notice.
  4. Please follow the signage that we have posted as guidance regarding protocols at the golf course.
  5. Club storage and locker rooms will not be accessible at this time.
  6. Please follow social distancing rules of at least 6 feet at all times while at The Greens at Renton.
  7. When accessing the pro shop please allow others to exit as only one person is allowed at a time.
  8. Only the washrooms at the Cafe will be open and sanitized until further notice to limit possible cross contamination in the building. Washrooms on course Red 4 will be sanitized twice daily when put into service. Portable toilets have been removed from the course.
  9. Cups have been removed from the practice green. Only 4 people are permitted on it at a time.
  10. The starter will assign you a cart, if applicable, and your starting nine. Please follow their instructions.
  11. Carts will be sanitized by our staff for your safety.
  12. Items such as trap rakes, ball washers and most garbage cans have been left off of the course for your protection.
  13. Please do not touch the flag sticks. Stoppers have been placed in all the cups to keep the ball from dropping. Better yet, how about 5 foot gimmes!
  14. The Greens Cafe and Patio are open. Follow the directions in front of the Cafe and on the 8th tee signs for ordering.
  15. Please do not linger after your round. Return carts to the drop off area and exit to the parking lot immediately.


Thank you from everyone at The Greens at Renton!

*For events organized by outside groups please contact those organizers.


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